When You Should Get Partial Dentures Repaired

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If you properly care for your partial dentures, hopefully, they will last a long time. However, as with anything, they will break with enough wear-and-tear or accidental trauma. It’s essential to know at what point you should get them repaired. We will go through common issues that may arise with your dentures and the associated repairs. 

What causes issues with partial dentures

Either acute or chronic factors can cause damage to dentures. If you accidentally drop your dentures or otherwise cause them trauma, they’re liable to break, particularly if they’re acrylic. 


However, throughout regular use, dentures can break, too. You’re using them every day, after all. As you chew, you may unknowingly wear down some of the teeth more than others. This can cause the teeth not to align correctly, which will create more stress and microfractures in the material. Ultimately, the stress will cause the dentures to break and need to be replaced. Your jawline will change as you age, which will cause your dentures to fit differently and make them more prone to breaking.

Common problems

There are several different areas on dentures that can break. The teeth on the appliance, the faux gumline, or even the metal clasps found on acrylic and metal dentures can break. Parts can chip off or crack, or the entire partial denture can break in half. If your denture is cracked or otherwise noticeably broken, do not put it back in your mouth before repairing it. 

You may alternatively just notice that your denture does not fit very well. This can either be from anatomical changes in your jaw as you age or just due to normal wear and wear. Either way, it is vital to get your denture refitted as soon as possible to prevent a more drastic issue, such as the break mentioned above.

Denture repairs

It is essential not to use DIY kits or otherwise try to repair your denture on your own. Doing so can cause more harm than good. Adding glue to your denture often makes the problem worse in the long run and prevents trained professionals from repairing them properly. 

When your denture starts not to fit well, and you take it in, they may reline it. In this process, they reshape the denture so that it fits better in your mouth. Your denture may need to be rebased if it is cracked or very old. Your denture will have its entire base replaced to restabilize it. Professionals can also make adjustments and minor fixes to your denture. This includes replacing broken clasps and teeth, as well as aesthetic changes.

Preventing damage

To minimize the number of repairs, they will need to undergo, you should take good care of your dentures. This includes cleaning them gently in warm water to prevent scratches or warping, as well as just taking care not to drop them when you’re cleaning them. You can clean them over a towel or bowl of water to protect them if you accidentally drop them. Taking your denture in for relining when it starts not to fit well is an essential preventative measure, as well. As long as you take steps to look after your partial dentures, you should not have to repair them too frequently. 

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