When Is a Smile Makeover Recommended?

Smile Makeover Woodstock, GA

You know that you need a smile makeover when you are unhappy with your smile. Getting this makeover usually results in dramatic improvements. You may have denied yourself a dental treatment like this before, but maybe now is the right time to get one. If you are wondering whether it is time for you to get a smile makeover, here are the facts.

The definition

A smile makeover is a collection of procedures that can renew a smile based on the patient’s needs. It can correct aesthetic dental issues like unevenness, staining, elongation, damage, and loss. A smile makeover is a collaboration between the dentist and the patient. The treatments available are dental implants, veneers, bonding, and teeth whitening.

The need to prevent health issues

A smile makeover does not only target the way the smile looks. It is more important to stress that significant damage to teeth and gums will affect the patient’s oral health. This then will impact the patient’s general health. If a patient’s health is at risk, it is time for a smile makeover.

If the patient has severe tooth damage, a smile makeover can save the patient from future dental and health issues. A new smile is beautiful on the outside, but it is more rewarding on the inside. Leaving the damage to develop over time will result in shifting teeth and jawbone atrophy. It also leads to uncomfortable eating, speaking, and practicing personal oral hygiene.

Even if the damage is a tiny chip, the tooth will weaken. This will make the tooth susceptible to splits, cracks, and fractures. The patient’s tooth will be more vulnerable to tooth decay. Health always comes first. The damaged tooth should receive a smile makeover to maintain good health.

The need to improve one’s self-image

Being happy with one’s looks is an important booster for one’s self-image. This is more than enough to invest in a smile makeover. Self-esteem is a major factor in achieving success in the workplace and in relationships. A stunning smile means that the person has a healthy body and that the person is proud of it. The patient becomes healthier, happier, and younger-looking.

The process

The smile makeover will start with a consultation. This allows the dentist to know the patient better. The dentist should ask the patient’s cosmetic goals and review the patient’s health. Taking time to talk will give the dentist and the patient an idea of what to expect during the procedure.

The dentist will base the plan on the patient’s needs. Here, the dentist will finalize the patient’s treatments. The dentist will even come up with a 3D model of the patient’s smile. This model can change into the model of the end result. The dentist will make sure that the patient remains comfortable throughout the smile makeover. This may need several visits for the treatments to show results.

A smile makeover provides you with aesthetic and health advantages

You can get a smile makeover when you know that your health might be at risk. Small tooth damage may end up hosting an infection. You can also choose a smile makeover to lift up your self-image. Doing so can improve the professional and personal aspects of your life. Working with your dentist can determine what smile makeover treatments will help you reach your goals.

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