Do All-on-4® Implants Look Natural?

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The All-on-4® method utilizes only four dental implants to anchor a complete prosthetic arch. It is used to restore the smile of patients who have lost their natural teeth. One of the concerns that patients often have is about the appearance of their dental restoration. When done properly, All-on-4® implant restoration looks natural and will be hard to distinguish from natural teeth. This article explains the properties of the restoration and what makes it natural.

Overview of the implant system

The dental implant is a small, titanium metal screw inserted into the jawbone. It replaces the tooth root and integrates with the bone. Dentists use implants and crowns for a single tooth or as anchors for bridges, the integration of the implant to the jawbone makes the replacement tooth stable and as strong as the natural tooth.

When a patient needs full-mouth teeth replacements, the dentist can place implants, both in the upper and lower arch. For All-on-4®, four implants can provide adequate support for the replacement teeth.

The replacement teeth look natural

These are the part of the All-on-4® system that is visible. This is what will determine how natural the dental restoration looks. The typical materials for making the replacement teeth are porcelain and acrylic. The dentist will take proper measurements, x-rays and digital images or impressions of the mouth. They will also ensure that they match the tooth’s natural color so that the replacement teeth look natural.

Technicians in the dental lab will create a replacement arch from a titanium framework and attach carefully crafted replacement teeth. Normal dental functions can resume once the arch is connected to the implants. The structure of the dental implants is identical to natural teeth, which is what gives this option the natural appearance. After the dentist inserts the implants into the jaw, they function as the tooth root since the surrounding bone fuses with it.

The implants then hold the denture in the manner that roots support the crown part of the teeth. This means that patients who choose All-on-4® will not only get a smile that looks like the real thing but one that feels natural as well.

Also, by replacing the roots of the teeth, the dental implants can stabilize the jawbone and avert potential erosion after tooth loss. This means the device will not change fitting over time, unlike regular dentures, which become loose when the jaw changes shape.

Definitely, the quality of the device will affect its appearance. The materials used to make the dental prosthetic is visually similar to the natural tooth enamel, so it is possible to get a smile that looks natural. Patients will need to work closely with the dentist to ensure that the final appliance fits their desired specifications.

Aside from the excellent appearance, the All-on-4 system is quite convenient for patients, since it requires minimal modifications to their routine and they can continue to eat their desired meals.

In conclusion

Aesthetic appeal is a major concern for those looking to replace an entire arch of teeth. All-on-4® can help individuals get a new smile that looks natural. To learn more about the process, schedule a consultation with the general dentist.

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